Whoopers Happening in Necedah, WI

November 26, 2007

Sept. 13th and 15th, 2007… Operation Migration training the Class of 2007.


Operation Migration now in Kentucky…

November 26, 2007

brooke26web.jpgThe team made it into Kentucky 11/24, but one bird, #733, decided he was free to do things on his own! They have been looking for him, but his radio signal and whereabouts are not known, though it is possible he has joined Sandhills and is ahead of the OM team flying south! A thorough search continues from the air and ground, but as of 11/27, his location remains a mystery.

The other 16 birds are in Washington County, KY, and the team hopes to be out by Wednesday, though reports show possible storms heading their way.

This posted 11/30…The team and many volunteers conducted a thorough search for over 5 days, and late 11/28, he was located! Several people had sent information to Operation Migration that provided the location and area, as he continued to fly about, from southern Indiana to finally in Kentucky. He was making little peeping sounds as Brian Clauss and Joe Duff approached him (in costume of course) and got him into the crate for safe travel to rejoin the rest of the flock. Thousands of phone calls, TV stories and radio alerts as well as the persistent search of all the OM team and those who have joined them from ICF, USFWS, and many other organizations showed how teamwork and persistence can really pay off! Now, hopefully, #733 will stay with the flock and not drop out throughout the remainder of the migration… maybe too much to expect?